Twitch Open Source Music Distribution Label

Hey everyone,

I'm proud to announce I have launched a Twitch open source music distribution label.

Now what does this long name mean and why did I make this?

I have friends that run a Twitch channel under the name "Down To Quest". It was brought to my attention that Twitch has been cracking down on DMCA violations and banning people using music they don't own or have permission for use on their stream. Jack asked me if I had any music they could use and I thought of a great way to utilize my website to help them out.

In the open source community, people post their code to git servers that are publicly available for anyone to review and use. Others can view the code, make a pull request, work on changes, then send it back to the originator of the code for approval. If the change is approved, the originator merges the code back into the main branch of code. This allows people to help contribute ideas and allows the main developer to aggregate the changes people submit.

The website I have created for this is my interpretation of what open source could look like within the music community. Artists are able to submit songs they'd like to see on stream, and streamers are able to use those songs without the worry of being sued. I'm hosting the distribution label platform using an open source project called Funkwhale. With a Why They Fight account, artists will have up to a gigabyte to upload their music with. I will be writing more guides to help artists upload properly and from there it's as easy as sharing a link. Because Funkwhale is apart of the fediverse, you can also use a Why They Fight account to follow, subscribe, and interact with other Funkwhale pods and various other platforms across the fediverse.

Please check it out at and if you work on music, please consider contributing to the free open source library of music we are trying to create.

If you're a Twitch streamer, please consider supporting the project by checking out some music! You are free to use any songs for whatever content you're working on!


Maxwell Barksdale

Maxwell Barksdale

Musician turned self hosted sys admin.