How to make a blog post

TL;DR - If you already know how to login to the admin interface and create a blog post in general, you can scroll until it says HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART.

ALRIGHT so this is the first post I'm making for the staff section of the blog to explain how to properly tag blog posts so they direct to the right section of the blog.

As you can see below, we currently have four public categories blog posts go into.

Current Public Categories

There are also hidden categories such as this one (/staff) and my own personal blog (/maxfromwtf) that aren't publicly available.

If you have any suggestions for other categories (or would like your own personal blog section i.e. let me know.

It's all pretty straight forward and I will be posting a mobile guide next. So if you're trying to blog from an app, you can totally do that; it's just kind of a different process.

First things first, you have to log into the blog admin area. The address for the admin area is This blog is based around Ghost if you're ever interested in learning more about it or how to make better quality blog posts.

Login Screen

After you have logged in, there's a sidebar to your right with different options available to you. If you click on posts, it'll redirect you to a page that shows all of the current blog posts and an option to create a new post. Clicking on new post brings you to a blank page where you can begin typing your post.


After you're done typing out your post, in order to get it to the right category, you have to click the gear on the top right corner of the page and add a hashtag. The hashtag is the same as the category you are trying to file it into.

For example, this post that I'm currently writing will be categorized into the staff section. So in the tags, I will put "staff" and it will file it behind

Staff Example

If you want to put a post in the music section, you would add "music" instead and it would go to that section. Same for technology posts ect. This way, you can direct people to to see all music related posts.

Categories and their links

If you wanted the post to do better in search engine optimization, you can mess around with adding an excerpt and editing the meta data section as well.

Metadata example

All in all, it's pretty straight forward and shouldn't be too much of a hassle to add a couple things at the end before publishing your blog posts. This will keep the site clean and organized and help people find your posts when they come to the blog to look for them.

Thank you for blogging here. :) It really wouldn't be anything without people writting for it and I hope we can use this platform to help inform people without fear of takedowns.

Maxwell Barksdale

Maxwell Barksdale

Musician turned self hosted sys admin.