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Alright so here's my guide on how to blog from mobile. Please read the first guide linked here for more information if anything seems confusing. This guide will primarily be about tagging and posting from mobile more than an introduction on creating a blog post, like the last post.

I'm primarily making this guide for iOS at the moment, as that is the platform I use, but intend to update it for Android in the future as well.

First things first, there are two primary ways of posting. You can either navigate to the admin section ( in a browser window, or use an app.

While making this guide, I got a warning at the top when making a blog post from a mobile browser window saying post editing on mobile was not supported and recommending to edit from a desktop browser.

SO, my recommendation is to use an app called "Ghost Publisher" available for free from the app store.

Ghost Publisher

Click here to download it.

After you have it downloaded, open the app and the first page you see asks you for the blog web address. Type and confirm and it will find the blog and ask you for your credentials.

Ghost Publisher Login

After you put your credentials in, you will see a list of all current blog posts and a button on the top right to create a new blog post.

Post List

Writing the post itself is all pretty straight forward.


Before publishing your post, click the gear icon at the top right of the screen. In order for the post to be categorized properly in the right section, you must tag the post with the section it belongs to. For example, this post will go under the staff section so I will tag the post with "staff".

Staff Tag Example

Now when you navigate to, this post will properly show up in that section. For more information about categories we have, please see the previous post by clicking here. Be sure to also include an excerpt as this will show up as a subheader beneath your post title describing the post.

Once again, thank you for blogging here. Together we can create a unique community and by taking a few seconds before publishing, we can make sure this blog stays clean and organized.

Maxwell Barksdale

Maxwell Barksdale

Musician turned self hosted sys admin.