Minecraft Connection Info

If you would like to join the server through the Java edition of Minecraft, the server info is:
Server Name: WTFxUS
Server Address: minecraft.whytheyfight.com  

We also have a Tekxit server available on the latest patch at:

Server Name: WTFxUS
Server Address: tekxit.whytheyfight.com

Tekxit requires either the Technic Launcher or MultiMC, the Tekxit modpack, and Minecraft 1.12.2. I intend to write a guide on how to set this up in the near future.

Join us on Discord!

We have a dedicated voice channel for Minecraft as well as a text channel to share your cool screenshots and creations!  

Join the Why They Fight Discord Server!
Check out the Why They Fight community on Discord - hang out with 9 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
Discord | WTFxUS

All of the Minecraft servers and every other aspect of my website are self-hosted on my own servers!
If you would like to donate to help keep the network up, please consider donating some Monero to this address or becoming a Patreon!


Maxwell Barksdale

Maxwell Barksdale

Musician turned self hosted sys admin.